2 Days Package

Friday June 16th > Saturday June 17th 2023

Ardéchoise 2 days

Enjoy the classic routes of the Ardéchoise over 2 days!

To live your journey over 2 days, you will have to choose between 10 routes which propose between 60 and 170 km/day. 

You will find the great classics of the Ardéchoise on 1 day completed by the Lignon option which will lead you to the discovery of the Haute-Loire. The Hautes Terres options which will take you to Jaujac, then towards the Ardéchois plateau to offer you an enchanting stroll along the Loire.

Friday and Saturday

Discover the 6 routes of the Ardéchoise 2 days

2 days – Friday and Saturday

2 Jours

AVM – 2 Jours

L’une des cyclosportives les plus difficiles d’Europe !

Distance 276 KM

Dénivelé 5 575 M

Ascensions 15


2 Jours

Hautes Terres

Une virée en altitude, entre Ardèche méridionale et Ardèche atlantique…

Distance 344 KM

Dénivelé 6 930 M

Ascensions 21

2 Jours

Sucs – 2 Jours

Des sensations uniques, des paysages enchanteurs

Distance 232 KM

Dénivelé 4 485 M

Ascensions 15

2 jours

Volcanique – 2 Jours

Une promenade athlétique entre « l’Ardèche au beurre » et « l’Ardèche à l’huile »

Distance 177 KM

Dénivelé 3 320 M

Ascensions 10

2 jours

Ardéchoise – 2 Jours

La Reine de l’évènement : un défi de taille pour tout cycliste !

Distance 221 KM

Dénivelé 4 410 M

Ascensions 10

2 jours

Boutières – 2 Jours

Une douce balade picturale et musicale

Distance 125 KM

Dénivelé 2 295 M

Ascensions 6

You want to enjoy the Ardéchoise a little more? Take part in the Ardèche Verte on Wednesday…

When you register for the 1 day, 2 day or 3 day stay, you can register to participate in the Ardèche Verte on Wednesday.


Created in 1990, the Ardéchoise has become the most important cycling event of June.

Over the last 20 years, an average of 14 000 cyclists make it the first European cycling event on mountain roads.

1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days. Choose your adventure!

The tool to choose your route according to your desires.

Participate in a sport challenge and a great party with friends, club or company colleagues

Contact details

Association Ardéchoise, 1 pl des Myrtilles 07410 SAINT-FELICIEN


04 75 06 13 43