L'Ardéchoise is the unavoidable cycling event in June.

With an average of 15,000 cyclists, it is the first cyclist

meeting on mountain roads of Europe.

From wednesday 19th june to saturday 22th june 2019

It is the date of the next edition of Ardéchoise !!!

An event, a territory

The Ardèche is a department of the Massif Central, located on the west bank of the river Rhone.
This is a particularly diverse region, making it a delight to explore by bike. Every turn in the road reveals a new and exciting vision. Pleasure, sense of well-being, printing is lived intensely because the reception is, for those who come here by bicycle, in Ardèche, especially warm.

An event for everybody

Indeed, you are sportive cyclists, touristic cyclists, hikers, young or with a disability, we offer personalised packages from 1 to 4 days in mid-June.

An event, a celebration

L’Ardéchoise is more than 160 lively villages welcoming thousands of cyclists on routes.

An event for cycling

The one-week time, you can discover a village of exhibitors with more than 40 exponents from the cycling community that will show you their last products.