Questions & Answers

Any questions about your stay, itineraries, reception conditions or registration? You will find below some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which roads are closed on Saturday?

Where can I find my ID number?

Your ID number is present on the individualised documents of the Ardéchoise:

- On your history letter that you received with the brochure,

- On your confirmation letter

Where should I send my medical certificate or the photocopy of my license?

Either to the mail address: 

L'Ardéchoise, 1 place des myrtilles 07410 Saint-Félicien France

Or to the email address:

How to register as a tandem?

Each person has to fill in a registration form.

I received my confirmation by email, will I receive it by mail?

You will not receive it by mail.

I want to cancel my registration with option, will I be refunded?

If your reason for cancellation is indicated in the general regulations of the Ardéchoise.

In that case, you must send us an email to (for a multi-day registration) or to (for a 1-day registration or Ardèche Verte). You can also send us a note by mail.

Then we will send you an insurance file by email to which you will have to attach your proof and send the complete file to the insurer.

Once the insurer has processed your file, he sends us the voucher; the procedure is quite long, count 2 to 3 months. And we send it to you.

How do I get a certificate of registration?

Send an email to or call +33 (0)4 75 06 13 43 and ask for the accounting office.

Can I be replaced? How do I do this?

Yes, as long as you inform us and indicate the name of the person who will replace you.

You must send the completed and signed registration form of the replacement with the coordinates of the previous registrant and 10 € for the registration fees, by email.

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Created in 1990, the Ardéchoise has become the most important cycling event of June.

Over the last 20 years, an average of 14 000 cyclists make it the first European cycling event on mountain roads.

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