Coming to Saint-Félicien

The village of Saint-Félicien is at the heart of the Ardéchoise event. By car, by bus, by train, by plane, all roads lead to Saint-Félicien!


Exit Chanas (Serrières) or Exit Tain-l'Hermitage (Tournon-sur-Rhône)


This year again, the Ardéchoise suggests you to come by carpooling. The climate is changing faster than expected. In order to reduce greenhouse gases, it is advisable to use cars to their maximum capacity.



• Valence bus station: +33 (0)4 75 81 23 25

• Annonay bus station: +33 (0)4 75 33 44 45

• Les cars du Vivarais : +33 (0)4 75 06 06 00


The nearest TGV station is located in Valence (Paris-Marseille line). The three closest train stations to Saint-Félicien are located in Valence, Tain l'Hermitage (near Tournon) and Annonay (TER bus). Here are the links to get information about the schedules:

The regional website for trains

• Evian/Geneva - Annecy - Grenoble -Valence | (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon | Annonay - Lyon


Airport: Lyon-St-Exupéry. There are shuttles between this airport and the Perrache and Part-Dieu stations: 

Coming to St Félicien!

By car, by bus, by train, by plane, all roads lead to St Félicien!

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